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What Happens After We Die?

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What Happens After We Die?
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February 19, 2003
What happens when we die is as varied as what happens when we live.

I think it's easier to talk about the evolution of the soul fragment, then to try and describe every scenario for the afterlife.

Base energies chose to come here, as we all do, to live, learn and share via a series of "rememberings" through life experience. Their ego is highly centered, and they are undeveloped in terms of ability to love unconditionally, move out of the material/physical desire state, and possess little PSI ability (as this requires a higher vibratory rate to pick up on subtle influences). Their vibrations are coarser and when they die, they spend time in the lower astral realms where they can often get stuck to a habit pattern, attached to someone or something, or spend time suffering over their condition. This is what you would call the famous "hell". For it is darker, coarser and often higher entities prefer not to visit it unless they are performing a soul rescue, or are to provide specific help. I once visited someone here and it was not pleasant. Robert Monroe attempted to perform soul rescues at this level (which are still being performed by graduates of specific classes at the Monroe Institute) and it's not always a success because of the degree of attachment that the soul is undergoing at the time.

Lower middle energies are more evolved than base energies. They have had more lives under their current ego (I'll explain spiritual birth later on) and start to develop their PSI ability. They will be curious about paranormal phenomenon, become less attached to material/physical things and will start to experience more of the true love emotion (in particular with their children and spouse) as well as improved dream recall. When they die, they are more lucid, know that they are dead, and often will gravitate towards their belief system. Here traps exist as well because controlling persons will try and keep a person at this level trapped in their own personal belief system through guilt and fear, which can cause a great deal of suffering. This person may also work out karma on the subtle plane, even between their now passed on self and a person who still holds a physical shell (through dreams). These people may also be introduced to subtle plane educational courses that cover a wide range of topics and even include the same sciences we study here! This level is often completely unaware of their abilities, and have no idea how to travel mentally, become invisible to the plane that they reside in, perform tasks that go against their beliefs (such as materializing objects, levitation, flying, etc.) This energy, as the one before, often will plan their next incarnation and the people they will be reincarnated with and their particular lessons.

Higher middle energies will know they have had past and parallel lives; will have developed PSI abilities, often come as teachers, healers, and spiritual leaders. They have great memory dream recall, and are at the end of their karmic debt cycle. When they die, they will ascend, as do the others, to their own energy level, which is often the higher of the seven astral planes. Here they will continue teaching, be fully aware of all of their subtle body powers, and can even ascend into the higher planes for knowledge, teachings, and deeper experiences. Often the place in the higher astral is what men in the past claimed was "Heaven". It is brilliant compared to the earth plane, full of loving beings, and the locale that light beings (angels) can exist. However, the planes do go much higher than this.

Higher energies are the born saints and masters. Their consciousness is seamless. In other words, when they dream (and die), they do not lose conscious control like everyone else. They came to earth purely to show us what our potential is in terms of love and glory and do so out of unconditional love for us all. Their vibrations are high enough that their "gifts" are evident here as well. Like Christ, they can become invisible to the naked eye and perform miracles. They are egoless and exist in godly perfection.

If you were to think of the above energy structure, it is like a pyramid. The masses on this plane exist at the broad bottom (base energy). As it moves upward and inward towards the top, only a dozen people exist at the higher energy state. These are the ascended masters who come here to teach love at the highest level.

I told a reader who recently asked me what happens after life to analyze their dreams. How you exist in your dreams (which is you already in the astral), is a good indication of how you will function afterwards. Are you teaching others? Have you mastered the subtle plane? Do you even know you're dreaming? This is why I stress over and over to learn your lessons "at a dream level" because it is easy to control yourself while awake, but the ‘astral' dream-world is entirely different! This is why when I have mastered a concept in the physical, the first place I am tested is in my sleep! Over and over I am tested until it is thoroughly worked out.

As far as the "birth" of a soul, this is a good question. Since there weren't six billion of us a thousand years ago it's not too far of a stretch to know that souls are "born." But the real terminology isn't necessarily born, but re-manifested. Like science tells us, energy never dies, just changes form. New sparks of the Divine are created and allowed the opportunity to experience itself through the illusion of separation (ego). And when an ascended master rejoins the "whole" all identity is merged into one and the cycle can start anew. There is no birth and there is no death, just a constant re-manifestation of the whole.

There is to be no judgment of any of the levels, just as there is no judgment that first grade is "bad" for all of us go through first grade! Each level is necessary before the next, and a wondrous part of the experience we chose, consciously or otherwise. Now, although each step is necessary, there is no set time line that you must exist at one level for a specific period of time. Should we chose, we could ascend quickly or slowly, for we all have free will.


This is a site about my journeying toward aging.
To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.
~ Henri Frederic Amiel ~