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Here is the reality of life : For roughly 2 million years, our ancestors evolved as a specie until our ability to think and rationalize reached that point at which we had an identity and understood that we existed as an indevidual and were seperate from all life forms on this planet, including our fellow human beings ! (the only-known living thing on this planet that we know-of to reach this point in evolution , although we have no way of knowing if other living things actually think as we do !) 

With this intellectual development, came an understanding that our bodies were destined to cease to function ( death and decomposition ) at some point . ( this is when we began to explore the posibility that our thoughts, ideas, identity or ability to think, might not die when our body did. ) 

This early seach involved known facts combined with folklore so they could die without too much fear or stress ! ( the paganistic idea that when we died, if we followed some preset laws or lifestyles, our thoughts or souls would go to a place filled with the comforts of our earthly existance , made dying very easy, especially for the survivors and this desired end-result became the basis of all modern religions . ) 

Unfortunatly, man soon expanded on this concept by introducing social or political standards to appease local governments, and introduced the concept of a HELL where all the worst evils which can befall man were awaiting those indeviduals who do not obey these state sponcered standards or laws. ( The concept of hell was state-sponcored or encouraged, as it made social complience by the religious followers much easier to maintain .)

However, what has been lost in this race for a solution, is that our SOUL is not a physical thing ! (It is a type of energy which contains our thought process or identity.) and rather than listen to the thousands of people who have had personal contacts with other souls from the spirit world, we have dwelled too long on the physical aspect of dying and wishes for continued " mortal " pleasures in the afterlife.

If you look at the message that was devinely-inspired to ALL PROPHETS that led to established religions, you will see they all preached the same message for survival of the soul after physical death : " " We must demonstrate LOVE & COMPASSION for all living things on this planet ! " None preached violence or hatred as a solution to our souls surviving physical death ! 

This suggests that acts of LOVE and COMPASSION are the only keys to the survival of our souls. ( If this is true, we only have one obsticle in our path : VANITY ) And asides from understanding about the laws of the universe, we must stop worrying about ourselves and begin to worry about other living things. 

Here is what happens when you die :

  1. 1...Your body shuts down ( the organs ) and decomposition or mummyfication begins.
  2. 2...Your soul slowly leaves the body (this occurs during the rigor mortis process )
  3. 3...Your soul might be drawn into a tunnel toward a bright light .( if you lived a suitable compassionate and honorable life or lives so that your aura reached a stateof pure energy  ) In this case you would rejoin and become part of God ( Kami ) from which you originated .
  4. 4...Your soul might go into the stage of stress ( If you are almost ready to enter the tunnel because you have accumulated almost enough positive cleansing to become pure energy )*  here it undergoes a kind of temporary limbo which might last for a long time while waiting to be accepted into the tunnel and you might become an intermediary between the spirit world and the human world. ( to give devine enlightenment to future prophets ) such as an apparitionary angel or spirit.
  5. 5...Your soul might enter another human being at the instant or shortly afterward of their conception. ( to go through the whole process of life again to enable you to continue your acts of love and compassion until , through many lives, you reach the nessesary state of pure energy . )
  6. 6...You soul might simply drift off into a wandering state . ( ghosts, poldergists or spirits) If your life was not good enough to warrent salvation after many oppertunities to gain purification , but not bad enough to warrent destruction. And you might be required to remain in this state forever.( which is why some kami are evil or bad )
  7. 7...Your soul might enter another life form. ( waiting to be released again at the death of that life form to repeat the process forever and act as a source of physical nourishment for those undergoing the prification process in human bodies  ) * lesser animals, plants, insects, etc...
  8. 8....Your soul might enter an inatimate object for a certain amount of time to help maintain the co - existance between man and the universe in the mortal world ..
  9. 9....Your soul might simply perish if the purification process is unsuccessful ..

If you follow this hypothesis of the transition between the physical world and the spiritual world, it is possible to answer all questions you might have about life and death, man and the universe .

This is a site about my journeying toward aging.
To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.
~ Henri Frederic Amiel ~