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Are you damaging yourself, perhaps more than you realize? Do you smoke? Do recreational drugs occupy a central position in your life? Do you eat nothing but junk food or are overweight? Do you exercise little or not at all? Do you have a poor relationship with your physician, or haven't seen a doctor in years? If so, you have a clear starting point. Any of these things can hurt you far more than currently available healthy life extension techniques can compensate for. There is little point in insulating the windows if the door is jammed open.

Find a physician you can trust and talk to about improving your health. You might be surprised at how easy, low-cost, and downright pleasant it is to lead a healthier - and thereby longer - life.

Step 2: Adopt a Better Diet and Lifestyle
The body is a complex, resilient machine. Unlike our cars, however, we can't replace it when it breaks down. Given that, it's scandalous that most people know more about the long-term care of a car than they do about the long-term care of the human body. Fortunately, it's neither difficult nor expensive to use diet and lifestyle to live a longer life.
  • Adopt a calorie restriction diet. Calorie restriction is currently the only scientifically proven way of extending healthy life in mammals. It has a number of other beneficial effects on health, and is highly praised by practitioners. You can find out more about calorie restriction at the CR Society website. Here at the Longevity Meme, we have an introduction to calorie restriction that provides some helpful guidelines for getting started.

  • Take a modest amount of supplements appropriate to your age and health. There is a wealth of supplement information available, but much of it is worthless, propagated by irresponsible sellers. This is perhaps the hardest topic to research, and in the end you will have to make a number of decisions yourself. A good starting point is to become a member of the Life Extension Foundation. Membership benefits include a wealth of very useful and fairly independent information on supplements, physicians, and healthy life extension delivered to your door. The Kurzweil and Grossman book Fantastic Voyage also provides a good starting point for understanding the hows and whys of supplements.

  • Exercise as recommended by your physician. The benefits of a modest level of exercise for most people have been well known for long, long time.
The articles, hot topic commentaries, and links to resources here at the Longevity Meme are there for your benefit. We hope that they will help you to get up to speed on healthy life extension, find like-minded people, and have a much easier time obtaining the information that you need!
Step 3: Support and Advocate Medical Research
Speaking out in favor of medical research is just as important as practicing present day healthy life extension. Most age-related conditions are still incurable. The aging process is imperfectly understood. It causes great suffering for hundreds of millions worldwide, but will one day be defeated. We must ensure that this day comes while we are alive, healthy and active to see it!

The medicine of the near future holds great promise. This promise can only be realized if research and development is fully funded and widely supported. The fields of aging and serious anti-aging research are poorly funded, and the public at large does not understood or appreciate the possibilities offered by this research. Politicians and bioethicists demonstrate considerable opposition to the most promising branchs of medicine.

If we do not speak out in favor of better medicine - the key to our future health and extended longevity - then medical research and investment will decline. By failing to prevent legislation that slows or criminalizes vital medical research, we hurt ourselves.

Do you want to live a much longer, much healthier life? Then you have to stand up and say so!

longevity meme

This is a site about my journeying toward aging.
To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.
~ Henri Frederic Amiel ~