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Blessed Day

Croning Ritual/Entering the Wise Age

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Croning Ritual/Entering the Wise Age

This ritual occurs when a woman has reached the point in her life when her Saturn has returned twice to her natal point. This happens to everybody at the age of 56. Saturn is the teaching planet, slow and complete; we celebrate the effects of this celestial event on the woman's life by the Croning ritual.

Call a party for the young Crone, friends and relatives can cooperate with the invitations. Try to have some entertainment as well; invite a woman who plays an instrument or recites poetry. When all arrive, the group holds hands in a circle and sings a song to unify the group soul.

Lady Lady listen to my hearts song
Lady Lady listen to my hearts song
I will never forget you, I will never forsake you,
I will never forget you, I will never forsake you!

After a couple of rounds of this, when the time is right, the priestess of the event steps out to address the rest. This priestess can be anyone who loves the new Crone.


We gathered together to celebrate (name) becoming 56 years old, and entering the Wise Age. Her proper title is from now on among women "Young Crone".

Who is the Crone you ask? A Crone is a woman who has reached wisdom in her heart, who is called on in disputes to arbitrate, who is called on in despair to sooth the wounds, a young Crone who is everybody's older sister.

Who else is the Crone you ask? a young Crone is the Goddess in her third aspect; she is Magera, she is Hecate, she is the Goddess of unbound power.

Folklore has it that Crones bring good luck when you see them on the streets, if they smile on you, you will have a very good day. They appear in important times to show the grace of the goddess. Crones' wishes must be respected for the Goddess demands this from the younger generation.

Crones enjoy special favors, their magic is stronger, their spells are faster, their loves are stronger.

All: Bless you (name) with good health, happiness, and long life!

Now the youngest of the group starts a circle of white candles, previously set out in the middle of the room; 56 of them, one for each year of the Crone's life. Others can help after the Nymph starts. the woman priestess has a bell with which she will ring out 56 times again for each year that has passed. If the Crone would like to give a speech, here is a good place to do it.

When the circle of light is done, the Young Crone steps into it and the bell tolls out 56 times, after which a round of applause from everyone is heard. Congratulations and good wishes are showered on the woman in the circle. As a special feature, the young Crone receives her Crone Jewel. This jewel can be a broach, a necklace, a ring; as long as it has a nice purple stone in it. The color of purple is that of synthesis. It is a royal color, a learning color, and a powerful color.


I present you with your Crone Jewel, to remind you that you are our teacher, our beloved sister, and Crone of the Goddess.

Young Crone:

I traveled the road from my mother's breasts to Cronehood. I thank the Goddess for the good seasons that passed, and, oh, I toast the good seasons to come! Blessed be!

All enjoy the party, dance, perform, enjoy.

Holy Book of Women's Mysteries, Part Two; Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest, Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One, 1980. Croning Ritual, Page 62.

This is a site about my journeying toward aging.
To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom, and one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living.
~ Henri Frederic Amiel ~